This provides the start of a fully documented overview of all the works created by Capuletti. Wherever I acquired permission of an owner or the image was available in public domain, this image of his work is displayed.

At this moment your best chance at seeing lots of images of his work is on the page of recently sold works.

If I get permission from the owners of the works that have no images, I'll eventually show here images of those. Let me know, through, if you want to contribute images of the works you own, either anonymously or with a reference to you.

Please select below what type of overview you would like to consult:

1. Overview of works - historically (sorted by date)

2. Overview of works - by materials used (sorted alphabetically) - not available yet

3. Overview of works - by subject (sorted alphabetically) - not available yet

4. Overview of works - by title (sorted alphabetically) - not available yet

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