On March 21 José (in English = Joseph) Manuel Capuletti Lillo del Pozo is born in Valladolid , Spain at Calle de Santiago 21 (next to the barber shop of his grandfather José  Lillo), to Juan Antonio Capuletti Raposo and Juana Lillo del Pozo García.  

First drawing efforts of Capuletti when he is 5 years old.

At age 11 José Manuel is sent to an art academy in Valladolid.

In June 1938 Capuletti passes the entrance test at the Institute Jose Zorrila of Valladolid, where he would do his first two years of high school.

Continues high school studies (third through fifth grade) at Hermanos de la Salle in Colegio de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes in Valladolid.

First group exhibition in September 1941 in Valladolid with Agrupación de Artistas Castellanos.

Studies art only a few months at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios.

First important individual exhibit (with Francisco Sabadell from January 24 through February 4 at hall of Colegio de Santa Cruz in Valladolid.
His father passes away at age 48.

Lives a few months in Madrid.
Works in Madrid for the Spanish ballet group of Pilar López.

Starts working for the ballet group of dancer José Greco.

For the first time Capuletti travels to foreign countries like France, Belgium, Holland, Northern Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, as a stage decoration designer with Greco's ballet group. In the museums in Belgium and Holland, Capuletti studies the works of Vermeer (his favorite), Margritte and Paul Delvaux.
The artist meets in Paris a dancer with Greco's group, María del Pilar López Fernández from Madrid.
He interrupts his international tour after a car accident in Denmark and returns to Spain.

Leaves for Paris on April 12.
Capuletti and María del Pilar López Fernández (Pilar) marry in Paris on June 12, at the parochy of the Misión Española in the Rue de la Pompe.
Shortly after the wedding, the newly wed couple moves in new apartment at Rue Bassano #11 in the neighborhood of the Champs d'Elysees.

On September 28, José Manuel Capuletti, dies in the hospital of Eltville am Rhein, 3 KM from Walluf, in Germany.


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