Below you will find the start of a bibliography containing references of books on Capuletti and his work as well as other books, not dedicated to Capuletti, which contain prints or photos of his works. It also contains references to Capuletti on other media than books.
The references on Capuletti are generally in Spanish, so you are advised to be sufficiently proficient in that language.
Some references are in other languages. I mention with each reference the original language and, wherever applicable, titles of translated versions and/or liberal English translations (by me) of foreign titles. When known, I'll mention if it is 'out  of print' or where it can still be purchased.
This list will also contain references to the names of the source publications of these references using abbreviations as mentioned below.

A. Reference books on Capuletti

B. Books with art by Capuletti

C. Magazines with art by Capuletti

D. References on Capuletti in other media

Abbreviations for sources of references:

PC      = Personal collection
CBE    = Book Capuletti by José Carlos BRASAS EGIDO
WS     = A Web site
PBA    = PBA Galleries auction

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee the completeness of this bibliography, but my goal is to achieve the most complete overview until now.

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